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Full Nelson

Let Me Ride – Jérôme Clementz

This is a video we filmed with Jérôme Clementz (Enduro World Champion in 2013), about 2 years ago in Canada BC, on Full Nelson Trail around Squamish.
Unfortunately, the project has never been finished for different reasons.
As you probably already know, Jérôme had a bad crash in may and injured himself. He dislocated his shoulder and ripped all the ligaments. He had surgery and needs 3 months recovery before to be back on his bike.

He contacted me about 1 week ago to get back on that project and publish this video that really shows his actual feeling, what he’s really missing…

His words:

A lot of people ask me if I was gutted not being able to race all summer. Actually a little bit, but nothing compared to what I’m really missing: Simply riding…
We dug in our archives and found this video, shot by Christophe Hassel, in 2012 during a Trip in BC.
We never published it for different reasons but watching it now, it really explains what I want to do again and the hole left in my life since my injury.
Just ride, nothing big, nothing crazy, no stress, just to feel your tyre drifting, getting some air, feeling some speed and getting the flow!!
F**k I Can’t wait to be back!! 😉

Voici une vidéo qu’on a filmé avec Jérôme Clementz (Champion du Monde Enduro 2013), il y a 2 ans environ, sur le trail Full Nelson à côté de Squamish au Canada BC.
Malheureusement, le projet n’a jamais abouti pour différentes raisons.
Vous le savez sûrement déjà, mais Jérôme a fait une mauvaise chute en mai dernier et s’est blessé. Il s’est déboité l’épaule et a arraché tout les ligaments. Il s’est fait opéré dans la foulée et a besoin de 3 mois de rééducation avant de pouvoir revenir sur son vélo.

Il m’a contacté il y a une semaine environ pour revenir sur ce projet et publier cette vidéo qui représente bien son sentiment actuel, ce qui lui manque vraiment en ce moment…

Ses mots:

Beaucoup de gens me demande si je ne suis pas trop déçu de ne pas pouvoir courir cet été. En effet c’est dommage, mais ce n’est rien comparé à ce qui me manque vraiment: Rider tout simplement…
On a creusé dans nos archives et nous avons trouvé cette vidéo filmée en 2012 avec Christophe Hassel, lors d’un voyage en Colombie Britannique.
Nous ne l’avons jamais publiée pour différentes raisons, mais en la regardant, ça représente vraiment le vide laissé dans ma vie de rider depuis ma chute.
Rouler tout simplement, rien d’engagé, rien de fou, pas de stress, juste la sensation d’un pneu qui glisse, de décoller, le vent dans les cheveux et ressentir le rythme de la piste!!
Put**n vivement que je revienne sur un bike 😉

Stills from the video:

Jerome Clementz - Let Me Ride - Full Nelson

Jerome Clementz - Let Me Ride - Full Nelson

Jerome Clementz - Let Me Ride - Full Nelson

Jerome Clementz – Let Me Ride – Full Nelson

Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set

I’ve just received my new Hi-Hat Tripod today, I already own the CM34 Carbon 8X Monopod from Induro and found out that they were making that Hi-Hat Tripod.
It won’t be my main tripod but I always wanted to have a “more compact” option to carry with me when I’m shooting MTB or Ski videos. You can use the Induro Hi-Hat for both photography and video production and it is supporting a 100 kg load, each leg features a two section extension and three steps of variable angle adjustment. I’ve mounted a Manfrotto 701HDV Pro Fluid Video Mini Head on it.

*Update (Tuesday August 14th, 2012): I used it for the first time yesterday afternoon to get some footage of Jerome Clementz riding his Mountain Bike around Squamish (Full Nelson) and I loved using it. I can tell for sure that this tripod is robust, easy to carry and really quick to set up! I’ve found the pivoting foot with rubber grip really stable and helpful in some situation!

*Update (Monday, July 08th, 2014): Link of the video “Let Me Ride“.

Christophe Hassel Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set
Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set
Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set
Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set
Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set
Induro Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set

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